Sunday 17 July 2011

A few more pics from recent days.

Puffin feeding watch - identify the fish that the bird is bringing into the marked burrow.
Try to read the colour rings as well if you get the chance.

Ringing Puffins - can you spot the Wardening team?

Our first Leach's Petrel of the year, caught on 10th July at North Haven. Photographed by William Marsh in front of some green curtains. They are spare curtains that are being used to stop light getting out of the ringing shed (generator shed really, but at night it becomes the ringing shed, there's probably a petrel/petrol joke to be made somewhere in there)and making the nets visible.

The presence of Siskins throughout the summer has been noticeable, with late spring migrants overlapping with the first juveniles appearing. Was this adult male heading north or south when it stopped at Fair Isle though?
The view from the Obs is pretty pleasant and everyone gathered outside to watch the sun setting the other day (today we would settle for just seeing the sun).

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