Tuesday 5 July 2011

OK, so it's a few days since an update and there's more to tell you about later, but for now a quick mention of the best birds recently. July opened with a brief Wryneck and a more obliging Rosefinch (which became our fifth to be ringed this year) but the best bird was a male Black-headed Bunting seen by one lucky observer near the plantation on Sunday. Despite running back to the Obs and several people scouring the island for the  next couple of days, there was no further sign - until tonight! I'd just handed over the Log to Jason to call and wandered back through the office when the phone went "Black-headed Bunting at Schoolton now, possibly gone to roost in the roses". It was after half past nine, drizzling and looking a wee bit gloomy, so I must admit my hopes weren't very high as we filled the people carrier and transit with almost everyone from the Obs and headed out. Luckily, the bird decided to put on quite a good show, regularly perching on fences, plants and posts and being a most appreciated new bird for several people.
We've presumed it's the same bird, although the conditions were certainly suitable for new arrivals today and as the autumnal easterly winds and light rain continued we were left wondering if it's just a bit too late for something new to arrive, or could this week see something really surprising...

Stonking bird, lousy picture, but it was nearly ten o'clock and raining!

Tystie in North Haven.
Siskin, at least a dozen are now in the Obs garden, including several juveniles - where have they come from?

Baby Snipe!

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