Thursday 28 July 2011

In the bag!

There's still a seabird theme to the week: today was looking at Bonxies (who are maybe not doing quite as badly as I first feared, although it certainly doesn’t look like being a great year) and tonight was ringing Storm Petrels.
Bonxie chick looking pensive.
A reasonable haul of 32 Stormies made for an enjoyable few hours but the highlight was the appearance of a thumping great Leach’s Petrel in the nets. The third of these monster petrels to be ringed here this year landed in the net not far from my head – even in the dark its hefty size was apparent. What a great bird! 
Leach's Petrel, superb! 
Storm Petrel, not as spectacular but cuter than Leach's. Ringing them is a great way to spend a night.
Not too many other sightings to report today, although a Painted Lady hinted at some migration - but will it be enough to bring a Two-barred Crossbill over tomorrow ...

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