Saturday 24 September 2011

Baird and Breakfast!

What a way to start the day – a call of ‘Baird’s Sand at North Haven’ caused a panic around the breakfast table with staff (including some from the kitchen) and visitors abandoning bacon, eggs and black pudding to hurry down to see this smart little visitor from ‘across the pond’. Good views were had by all as the bird fed on the grass amongst a small group of Turnstone and Sanderling.

Preferring to feed on the grass than the beach, the Baird's was seen to eat a couple of large worms - hungry after a long sea crossing perhaps?
Only about the 14th record for Shetland and the fourth for Fair Isle, it is the first to grace our shores since 1996. Despite the blustery south-westerly winds, it has set the wardens off on census with a bit of an extra spring in their steps, will there be anything else from the west out there?
Little cracker! A very good bird found by one of our visitors, can the wardens beat that today?!

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