Friday 2 September 2011

Olly Olly Olly...

I was going to write a bit about general island life this evening, as census seemed quite quiet and the SSW wind didn't seem to be likely to bring us many birds. This was perhaps a bit disrespectful to the Great Snipe, 7+ Common Rosefinch, 2 Barred Warblers and 2 Red-backed Shrikes that were around the island, but I thought folk may want to hear a bit about something else for a change!
A typical Fair Isle scene, three Rosefinches and a Whinchat line up on a fence.
Anyway, all that changed when a Hippolais warbler first glimpsed at Taft was confirmed as an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler. Despite being elusive at times, it eventually showed well to all at Schoolton showing off its key ID features, including the regular dipping of the tail that helps to separate it from several closely related species.
With a bit of imagination you can even see the tail pumping in this picture!
Whilst watching the Warbler, other birds to enjoy in the garden included seven Common Rosefinch, Barred Warbler, Red-backed Shrike and a Robin!
A nice bird and a continuation of what has been a pretty impressive autumn (and indeed year) so far.

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