Wednesday 21 September 2011

Is this your Rosefinch?

Another good day of birds on the island, although most were lingering from previous days. The main new highlight was a Sabine's Gull seen by Rob from South Light, a scarce bird on Fair Isle where it is fair to say that seawatching is not our strong point.
As I catch up with work from the last couple of weeks, one puzzle that still remains is a colour-ringed juvenile Common Rosefinch that was part of the impressive 15 that were around the island in early September.
Left leg orange over green, right leg metal. But did you ring this Rosefinch? Please get in touch.
The only problem is that we haven't yet been able to trace who ringed this bird. The usual channels have not yet produced any results, but perhaps someone out there could help? Common Rosefinches are a regular autumn migrant on Fair Isle (often in small flocks) and whilst the majority are immatures, some adults also occur. It would be fascinating to find out a bit more about the origins and movements of these birds, so hopefully someone will be able to help with this sighting.


  1. Presumably not one of Roland Neumann's German birds???...

  2. Hi Mark
    No, Roland was the first person I spoke to and he tells me it isn't one of his birds, nor is he aware of any other colour-ringing schemes in Europe!
    Hopefully someone will recognise it though!
    Best wishes


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