Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Best Cuppa!?

A great day!! Its close to midnight so don't have the energy to think/write but suffice to say that Fair Isle came of age with her 21st Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler!!!! I had heard there was a (probable) Grasshopper Warbler near Leogh at 7.30am, then whilst on SE census got another text from its finder saying it was still on show and "Worth a look". I was nearby so ventured over where the consensus seemed to be it was indeed just a Gropper, the bird duly hopped up on the wall and I declared that it "looks like a PG to me!" (I had already seen four on the isle over the years, so had an advantage). And so it was! Nobody could have wished it to perform better than it did over the next two hours - frequently sitting out in the open and hopping onto walls! Awesome!! And Jack has since become a 'loco' fan!

Simon had already reported that the Buff-bellied Pipit was still at North Light, whilst the other Buffy (the dainty wader) remained at Barkland. Throughout the day a few Yellow-browed Warblers (well three) turned up, a Barred Warbler, three Rosefinch and Simon found a Citrine Wagtail briefly frequenting the Havens, the new Obs pools before I clocked it flying over Dutfield on the way home to lunch. - the last time it was seen!
Anyway, aside from birds.....the cloud base was up and down all day which eventually meant that no planes got in leaving some frustrated birders at Tingwall and some frustrated Obs workmen on Fair Isle!!!
Right, must sleep........roll on tomorrow. Lancie? Pech? Grays?

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