Saturday, 18 September 2010


Todays highlight was the two fine Buff-breasted Sandpipers at Barkland..... although the arrival of three of 'the Essex Boys' was also a delight!! Jack was ecstatic to have finally caught up with one of his most wanted birds and if he'd got out into the field sooner, he'd have found them himself! Curlew Sandpiper, Slav Grebe, Black Redstart and four Snow Buntings were also all new in.

The wind has finally eased, though what there is is pretty cold for the time of year! This did mean however that, after several days of 'No Hope!' the planes got in. The boat didn't go though as there was still too much swell, so the plane did two extra runs to get everyone where they needed to be. So, as well as Pete, Clive and Gary (the Essex Boys) we are also host to Ann Smith's entourage of family and friends, some very, very young and others not so! Therefore the Obs is now almost full to bursting with hungry mouths - a challenge to poor Hollie's portion control!!! Hang in there Hol, just a few more days until Phil returns!!

We just have two workmen here now (not counting islanders Brian, John, Darren and Ian) working to get the project finished. Ray is desperately painting the Warden's house as fast as he can before the carpet fitters arrive on Monday. Stevie has downed his joinery tools to help him out!

At Burkle, Fyntan turned eleven yesterday, so he has now caught up with Lowri again! Hol's Mum, Dad and the kids all came up to the Obs for tea, where we sang the obligatory 'Happy Birthday' as Hollie paraded the cake in. However, Fyn only managed to blow out ten of the candles in one breath so I told him that was the 'age test' and he'd failed and would have to stay ten for another year before he can try again. I don't think he believed me!

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