Wednesday 30 September 2009

Welcome Leo!

Its gotten decidedly cooler! The wind yesterday, although lighter had moved round to the north. Having said that, we had a glorious warm sunny afternoon (9.5C) but as soon as the sun started to go down, the temperature plummetted - to 6C by midnight.

Birding was still quiet for the time of year - never before has a Common Rosefinch raised so much interest!!! The next best things in have been 3 large Common Redpolls, a Short-eared Owl and a Pintail. The Richard's Pipit still frequents Quoy/Schoolton and shows very well at times. Lapland Buntings are still increasing with a flock of ten seen near Pund, a few others elsewhere, and one or two more trapped at Chalet.

After two weeks of weather-enforced rest, the two ponies were taken to meet the kids coming out of school and Hollie, Fyntan, Raven, Ythan and Lowri all took turns in riding Storm while I tried to persuade Bijoux to keep up. Back at Kenaby an hour later, I left them all picking poo whilst Lubo and I continued on our quest for a Buff-bellied Pipit.........and failed!

It was a day of celebration however as my niece gave birth to a baby boy........and it was also Hollie's brother's birthday!!

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