Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Jigsaw Complete!

Apologies for no entry yesterday - I was up at 0530 to help gather lambs for the last shipment to the Shetland marts followed by census, another new Obs site meeting, computer work and in the evening we had a small 'farewell' gathering for our Wheatear student Adam, who left today. The Little Bunting was (and is) still present, but now sporting a shiny ring!
Today started well. I was answering a couple of e-mails whilst I finished breakfast prior to heading out when I spied a warbler in the garden. I raised my 'bins expecting it to be just a Willow but a stronger face pattern and long supercilium had me running out the door, even though I couldn't make out any wingbars! It gave me the run around but I managed to nail it as an Arctic Warbler - a nice addition to the garden list!! It disappeared whilst I was back inside phoning everyone but eventually all saw it at Kenaby later that morning. Meanwhile the first Yellow-browed Warbler had turned up too and Bluethroat, Red-backed Shrike, 2+ Barred Warblers and Common Rosefinch were added to the day list - the last to the garden list also!
But, prior to all this the barge with the last pieces of the giant 3-D Obs jigsaw arrived early this morning and by mid-afternoon the last pod was carefully slotted into place. Woohoo!!

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