Friday 11 September 2009

Happy Birthday

I'll start todays posting with a clarification of a comment in yesterday's - the boiled rotting potato peelings were not for today's tea, but for next door's pigs!!!

Still a mild fresh SW'ly wind but the barge bringing the Obs pods has managed two trips in as many days and with half of the pods now here, the building is now starting to look very impressive. North census was extremely quiet - five Wigeon the highlight - whilst elsewhere only new things were a Merlin and a reported Lesser Whitethroat. Lapland and Snow Bunting were also seen.
Quiet is not a word that would describe Burkle after school though! Ythan turned SIX today and the whole school and nursery (all 11 of them) came round for a party!! I stayed for half an hour, then just had to take Lubo had for a walk! We returned an hour or so later, just in time for some Birthday cake! All kids left after feeding their faces and playing and I don't think there were any arguments!

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  1. Regards from Finland! It's still pretty warm here in far north and winds have been mostly from SW. Only few Yellow-browed Warblers have been observed so far, so be patient, I guess Fair Isle will get eastern rarities within next weeks when it's getting colder here and especially if winds turn to east.

    Cheers, Olli


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