Thursday 10 September 2009


Red or green, Hollie's garden at Burkle has it by the bucketload along with broccoli, spinach, tatties, lettuce, courgettes and not to mention the forthcoming peas, beetroot, carrots and onions or to forget the indoor plethora of tomatoes and cucumbers. Its harvest time at Burkle and anybody who remembers her little garden at the Obs will be impressed!
The weather calms further, down to a Force 4 SW'ly and my morning census of Southwest turned up a handful of Willow Warblers, a couple of Tree Pipits, a Bar-tailed Godwit and a male Crossbill plus a Barred Warbler at Leogh and two Rosefinches at Houll. My AWs turned up a Blackcap, Lapland Bunting and another Tree Pipit and between us we logged over 400 Meadow Pipits.
After three hours of computer work I (and Lubo) headed back out mid-afternoon. I decided to try Hoini for a Buff-breasted Sandpiper followed by a Great Snipe search around Pund/Setter. Just as I reached the top of Hoini, the heavens opened and I immediately regretted leaving my waterproof at home. By the time I reached Setter I was soaked with nothing to show for it but two Snow Buntings. I trudged home, rubbed the pup dry, peeled my wet clothes off and jumped in the shower.
After a lovely tea, I entered the kitchen to wash up and was greeted by a horrible stench - not from Lubo this time but a pan of over-ripe tattie peelings boiling away on the stove. This was quickly evicted and windows opened. Tonights washing-up tunes came from Rod Stewart! I wonder what tomorrows awful smell will be?

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