Saturday, 26 September 2009

Del's New Hoodie!

No change in the weather! Despite a promising-looking sea, a single Sooty Shearwater was the only thing of note in a whole hour yesterday.....and another this morning, with three Cormorants. On land yesterday we had a 14 Whooper Swans, male Tufted Duck, the Richard's Pipit, a Lesser Whitethroat and a Dunnock and now over 30 Snow Buntings.

Phil meanwhile spent much of the day running back and forth from the garden with bags of whoosh-netted Starlings, but he also trapped a Rock Pipit and a Hooded Crow - amazingly yet another ringing tick for me!!

Despite the wind strength, the favourable SW'ly direction meant that the planes have been getting in this week. Friday afternoon's plane brought the High School bairns home for the weekend and Lubo was extremely pleased to see Lachlan - as of course were we all, but the rest of us managed NOT to pee over ourselves in the excitement!!

Myself and Hollie had more on-site discussions with the Obs workmen, discussing finer details of the internal layout of the building and have to go back again with measurements of this and that.

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