Wednesday 9 September 2009


A noisy night in Burkle as the wind rattled and shook the building but morning arrived and although still windy its much less strong. A look at Dave Wheeler's weather page shows it peaked at c50knots at around 9pm. Greeted this morning to a terrible stench emanating from the porch. Obviously Lubo (the dog) has sore guts!! Kicked the dog out and Hollie and I cleaned up whilst the kids readied themselves for school. Kids gone to school and said dog fed I took him out for a walk around south-east but there appears to be nothing new in, a few Willow Warblers and Whinchats about all to report this morning. Went up to the Obs site to check if the pods had survived the gales. Other than a couple of tiles dislodged from the one that has not been fixed in place the answer is 'yes!' Its really taking shape now! Forecast for next few days is good so hopefully get the bulk of them here once the sea calms down.
A thrash around this afternoon didn't produce much more - a count of 34 Teal and a Redstart. Called in at the Chalet and AWs have had a Greylag Goose, a couple of Lapland Buntings (actually first seen yesterday) and a Snow Bunting. Hmmm, it'll soon be winter! The ringed Barred Warbler remains. Its nice to have a windmill working again although the regular power cuts a few days ago were a bit infuriating!! I'm gonna have to get a UPS for my computer!

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