Tuesday 12 October 2010

Cold Shower!

Another calm day but a bit cooler than of late as the light wind moved into the north. Highlight of the day was the arrival of Mark Newell bringing news of the first Little Auk of the autumn from the Good Shepherd. He also had a Sooty Shearwater. Bird of the day could have gone to Simon's Arctic Redpoll, if anyone else had managed to catch up with it. Most people had to be satisfied with great views of the OBP as it wandered around Schoolton garden! My north census was curtailed by a call from the Obs "There's no hot water!!" I dutifully returned to the Obs and several hours later managed (thankfully) to get it all working again! With a couple of hours left of afternoon daylight, I headed north once more but hardly saw a thing. It was nice to be out though - and I'm sure Lubo appreciated it too. He is really loving this 'double census' at the moment, but it doesn't seem to be tiring him out one bit.......unlike me!! With no new rares to photograph today, I've included a few of Becca's nice shots of various-colours of Chiffchaff, Mealy Redpoll and a nicely composed Yellow-browed.
This evening I sneaked home to watch Scotland giving a very reputable performance against the current Football World Champions and although we lost 3-2, we were within ten minutes of clawing back a draw. Fyntan was on the edge of his seat and was really disappointed when Spain scored the winner! A good game nevertheless and better than watching Boring, Boring England!

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