Tuesday 5 October 2010

"The one that got away" (not another one!)

A brisk southerly wind picked up during the afternoon, to make birding quite difficult. Will Miles and a few others opted then for seawatching and it seems like they made the right choice. First of all an adult Little Gull drifted past South Light, then 15 minutes later a Grey Phalarope whizzed by. Nice! I meanwhile was slogging my way round southwest census for the second time of the day but apart from a few extra Blackbirds and some nice field mushrooms (guess what Hollie will be cooking for the veggies tomorrow?!), it was no better than this morning. As the late began to fade, Will Miles phoned to say he (and Micky Maher, plus the 'never to see a PG' Douglas Barr) had just seen a 'loco' which looked good for PG! I'd just reached Burkle to drop off my fungal hoard so grabbed a mistnet and jumped in the car. We set the net up at the end of the cabbage rig where it was seen to go in and walked it.......Nothing! A thrash of the surrounding area also produced nothing better than a Short-eared Owl. Maybe tomorrow!? This evening the aforementioned Dr Miles delivered an entertaining talk on 'St Kilda - the one that got away' and why there should be a Bird Observatory (and no Great Skuas) on St Kilda - so he's had a busy day!!!

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