Thursday 14 October 2010

Becca's Tick! Becca's Pic!

Bird of yesterday should have been mine! I was on SE census and had reached as far as Schoolton with not alot to report, apart from several hundred Greylag Geese doing their utmost to confuse anybody trying to count them! A warbler hopped up on teh wall in the corner of the garden and immediately disappeared over the other side. I had a brief flash of a cocked tail, revealing warm, light orangey undertail coverts. "Was that a Raddes?" I muttered to myself. I (and Lubo) shot round the other side of the garden but could see nothing. I spent the next 20 minutes thrashing Schoolton Ditch and the Quoy veggie patch (except of course I wasn't 'thrashing' any vegetables, Triona!!!) but to no avail. I then got an emergency call from the Obs "There's no power!!" I gave Hollie a few things to try but she phoned me back a few minutes later to say nothing's worked. "Damn!" I asked her to pick me up from Aesterhoull. Ten minutes later she phoned me to say she was parked at Easter Lother but couldn't see me!! "I said Aesterhoull!!! Not Easter Lother! Ya Numpty!" Anyway this delay gave me time to head over to the Shop where the Shetland Wildlife group were photographing a Long-eared Owl sat right out in the open on the windowledge of the Stackhoull Greenhouse.
After lunch and with powere restored to the Obs, I was on plane duty at 3pm so did some office work then after the plane was returning home in the car to change out of my fire kit when Becca phoned to say she had "a probable Dusky at Quoy!"
I was just round the corner so quickly arrived just in time for it to disappear. I dropped off Phil (who was with me in the car) and went home to change. Ten minutes later Becca relocated it behind Quoy and on first views it appeared to be a Raddes, although in the poor light, a very dull one!! It was typically highly mobile ranging between Quoy and Kenaby, but unfortunately never ventured into Burkle garden! I was pleased for Becca - a self-found lifer!

The OBP was still present at Schoolton and Simon (yet again) reported an Arctic Redpoll!!!
The Raddes was still present today and was much more obliging, showing well at Schoolton although the OBP seems to have gone. The Blyths Reed on the other hand has resurfaced on the beach at South Harbour, showing exceptionally well to a small crowd assembled there. A Little Bunting at Haa seems to be the only new arrival today!
Hol's Mum also departed yesterday, leaving the children having to almost fend or themselves at the Obs as I am out all day and Hollie is cooking. They have had fun playing in the new Warden's house so even though we will not now be moving in, at least they can say they were there!

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