Wednesday 6 October 2010

Raising the Barr's Hopes!

The morning started with a full-scale search for yesterday evening's "possible PG" and although I did see a darkish-tailed 'loco', it had no other features of PG that I could see during the brief flight view before it disappeared. Seven of our guests also disappeared this morning, including that lovely Essex rabble - the bar seems incredibly quiet this evening!! After the 'loco' thrash, I headed north but the cliffs were pretty quiet but I did hear about a dark morph Honey Buzzard down south. I tried to spy it from Ward Hill, but failed!
This afternoon I was phoned up about (another) 'interesting loco' in Schoolton Ditch (where I had a Gropper two days ago). I ventured over and after a couple of flushes everyone (especially Mr Barr) was getting quite excited - it appeared to have a dark tail - but not much else was seen. To save it being constantly flushed, I decided to trap it. We set a net and caught it on the second push - a Gropper! Unlucky Dougie!
Two Little Gulls were also seen today - an adult in Hesswalls and a first-winter in South Haven. Were these the same birds as yesterday?
A charter plane came in today bringing in some much-needed supplies for the shop. Hurrah! The guests can have toast in the morning!
Hollie had another hard day in the kitchen again today as its Phil's two days off, but I think her evening might have been just as hard!!! It was nice however, with the slightly lower numbers, to be able to have Mum and the kids with us for dinner - and they all greatly enjoyed the chocolate sponge & chocolate sauce pudding.

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