Sunday 3 October 2010

Loco - motion! Woo-hoo!

October has started well with the first Lancie of the year on Saturday, however it could have been so much more......Simon called me from Da Water with a "possible Lancie!" I was at South Light at the time but quick-marched all the way to his side, receiving a text from Jack on the way reporting another 'loco' at Restens Geo. I tramped around Da Water for 20 minutes with Si, but to no avail - no sign at all! Damn! I returned to my SW census, turned up a pulse-quickening 'acro' at Meadow Burn which after good views was just a Reed Warbler. I'd got as far as Boini Mire and was enjoying nice views of the Little Bunting there when Si phoned again "I've got another one in Schoolton Ditch - it looks good for Lancie". I ventured over, picking up a few birders on the way. A line of ten or so waded through the reeds and flushed the bird - a tiny, grey, short-tailed loco, which in the few seconds flight view I had, was obviously a Lancie. But that wouldn't be enough for BBRC! So we had to get better views. Fortunately on the next push, it flew across to the Quoy veg patch where I had excellent views of all the salient features, except undertail coverts, but it was such an obvious Lancie I didn't need them!! Quality! At lunch, Jack had no further luck with his 'loco' and I heard about another one, that was lost, near Pund!

So, four 'Locos' - one nailed! On Sunday, I decided to trap the bird to stop it being pestered by birders desperate to get a decent view of it. This was easily achieved and Jack was pleased to get a very special ringing tick and the crowd delighted to see it at close quarters. Hopefully it shall now be left in peace! Yet another 'loco' was discovered near Dronger today. I was on north census and met the finders so went to check it out - just a Gropper! Disappointingly quiet today, despite good conditions - the Arctic Redpoll was seen by one lucky sole with a Barnacle Goose and Stonechat the only arrivals!
New week starts tomorrow........the wind switches to SW and there's a slight chance the boat may go!!!!

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