Sunday 10 October 2010

So Much for Optimism!

A light ENE'ly overcast day but with far, far fewer birds. Jack found the best birds today on his southwest census. He first texted me about a Dotterel that had joined the Grey Plover on Hoini, then an hour later he sent me an SOS message asking me for help to relocate a probable Olive-backed Pipit he had just flushed from Vaila's Trees. Phil & I ventured over and we refound it in Lower Stoneybrek garden. We got good but brief views before it flew again, enough to confirm the identity. Nice! It came back and we waited for everyone else to arrive, getting good views of a Yellow-browed Warbler in the meantime, however it flew again of its own accord and was lost. It was seen again briefly in the afternoon but there are still several Obs guests who haven't caught up with it - perhaps tomorrow! Rob found a new Red-breasted Fly on the Hoini cliffs and Si had a couple of Yellow-broweds at Easter Lother. The Barred Warbler lingered at Auld Haa and the Treecreeper at South Raeva. Other interest was provided by various flavours of Redpoll - including a couple of Lessers. Forgive me for perhaps sounding a bit greedy but considering the optimism felt last night, today was a little disappointing!!!

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