Saturday 9 October 2010


The day started with a moderate SE'ly wind with a bit of low cloud and ended brighter with a gentle Easterly breeze - good conditions for a fall! And there was a sizeable fall - mainly of thrushes and Robins with a few Blackcaps and Goldcrests but, despite me receiving regular texts all day about rares elsewhere in Shetland as I stomped around the rarity-free North, the rarest bird on this isle was yesterday's Treecreeper which was still present in South Raeva. However, a Little Gull, a Red-breasted Fly, a Barred Warbler, a couple of Yellow-browed Warbler and a Hawfinch were seen. The biggest (and I mean BIGGEST ;-)))) arrival today was Phil Harris!!! He and Becca (Nason) have come to stay the last days of our 'reign'! Other well-known faces now here are: Tony 'Tickopoly' & Carol 'Jigsaw' Vials; Bert 'In 1975....' Mitchell; and Mark 'The camera' Breaks. We are sure some decent rarities will arrive over the next couple of days and with Phil, Becca & Mark here to help us, I am sure they will be found.......and well photographed!

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