Sunday 29 May 2011

Nightingale followed by night in ale.

Yesterday saw a lot of action centred around the Auld Haa, where Will found a Thrush Nightingale whilst on census and then in the evening a couple of us popped down to watch the Champions League final over a couple of beers. Thanks to Tommy, Liz and Henry for putting up with us, although as Barcelona fans (from New York!) they had a good night regardless of the company! The Thrush Nightingale was a lot less showy than the Catalan maestros, with many people going away without seeing it and the majority who did only getting flight views and the briefest of glimpses in a bush.

Four Common Rosefinches have been around the island including two in the Obs garden. Views are pretty good as they are ofen only a couple of feet from the window and two were spiral trapped this evening (the trap is still doing very well in the garden thanks Jack!).
A selection of scarce migrants are still around, although most seem to be lingering birds rather than new arrivals. It looks like quite a bit of westerly wind forecast for the next week, although hopefully with a few calmer days to let us get on with some of the jobs that we've had to put off in the recent blustery conditions.
The view from the kitchen window in the recent showery conditions.
For what it's worth, my prediction for tomorrow is a large raptor of some description...

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