Monday 2 May 2011

Great Stuff!

The birds keep coming in: Will has found a GREAT SNIPE today near Utra scrape (a lifer for  lots of people at the Obs, so he won't need to buy a beer tonight) and the Wryneck (which was trapped this morning in Gully) has been joined by a second at Chalet. Ring Ouzels have reached double figures, there seems to be plenty Tree Pipits and the likes, so Log this evening should be entertaining.

We can see you! Great Snipe lurking in a ditch, hiding all the relevant ID features.
I'll try to find time this evening to post some flight shots.

Also, we have our first guests here now, the time has gone so quickly since we arrrived (and there are still a few boxes to unpack in the spare room, I best get that done before my parents arrive next week!).

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