Wednesday 18 May 2011

It's still much of a muchness where the migrants are concerned, with a few Lesser Whitethroats, Blackcaps, a Reed Warbler and a few other bits and bobs hanging around, along with the Subalpine Warbler which seems to have become a permanent resident at the Obs. The last few days have given us more of a chance to concentrate on the breeding birds, with waders nests and chicks being located and various seabird studies starting to take up more time. It looks like a day or two strong westerlies (so maybe something from Amercia on the way?), then calmer and more settled by the weekend, which could be a lot more interesting for migrants.
Several areas of the island are now carpeted with flowers, including Oysterplants flowering near the South Lighthouse.
Yesterday did see a Marsh Harrier head south, Quail at Springfield (both seen by a visiting tour group) and a Wood Sandpiper at Golden Water despite mostly unpromising conditions, so it's worth remembering that whatever the weather, birds are on the move and there can't be many better places to look for them than Fair Isle.

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