Saturday 21 May 2011

Exciting times!

Waking up to a strong east wind on Fair Isle can mean only one thing - the wardens are going to be excited! Whether the birds live up to the excitement is another thing altogether, but despite only a very few migrants apparently arriving on the island today, things turned out nice again with a Rustic Bunting found in the Quoy vegetable plot. This dapper little bird showed quite well to anyone wanting a look (including three lucky Obs visitors who managed to be whizzed down to see it just before they departed the island!) as it looked for seeds amongst the newly sprouting salad and veg.

Despite the strong winds, the planes have made it on and off the island today, bringing several guests including Susannah’s parents. Grace is currently running up and down the living room in a state of massive excitement, just like the wardens will be if the easterly winds continue.


  1. Aye another good one for you boys - and it was blowing south-westerly! What will happen when you eventually get an easterly wind is anyones guess!! Bring on the rares!


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