Thursday 26 May 2011

The Storm Before the...

Stormy seas from South Light, but sadly no passage of Pom or Long-tailed Skuas.

I'm not sure that it could be called calm now, but after some very windy days the weather is improving (it’s not gale force at least) and, perhaps more importantly, the wind is very easterly and we’ve got the rain to drop birds in. So far this morning a Red-backed Shrike has been found, hopefully a sign that when the rain stops there will be more out there?
Since my last post it’s been the usual busy time here, with a slight break in the weather yesterday letting us fit in a morning of BTO Atlas work and a Fair Isle Wren survey to add to our daily census and ringing activities. A few scarce birds have been around with the Rustic Bunting now living around the Obs where it has been sharing the garden with the Subalpine Warbler, an Icterine Warbler (first seen on the cliffs then trapped in the Gully), Reed Warbler and a few other migrants. A Bluethroat put in a fly-by appearance at Easter Lother and there has been a reasonable movement of hirundines and a few other common migrants trickling through.
A cruise ship arrived yesterday, so over 100 Americans were able to enjoy Fair Isle and they all seemed to have a great time, we have a few more ships due in during the summer and they are always a pleasant break from the usual routine (if there is such a thing on Fair Isle!).
The wind has had an effect on the boats and planes and we had the added excitement of volcanic ash on Tuesday, with the whole island shrouded in a strange smoggy haze in the morning that left the windows and vehicles coated in dust (someone more dedicated than I at establishing its origins confirmed it tasted gritty not salty!).
So much has been going on, but as usual, there is so little time to write about it – especially as I spent about an hour last night arguing with the computer because it wouldn’t let me post anything on the blog, lets hope it is in a better mood this morning…

Rustic Bunting, not a typical garden bird, but then the FIBO garden isn't a typical garden.

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